Our Team

YPAM continually seeks to develop partnerships with like minded people and organizations who share our vision and believe in our values. Our awesome partners provide YPAM with so many things that are vital to our success, such as expertise, media exposure and resources such as a place to hang our hat. Our partners are diverse, from community organizations to media outlets to business professionals. We truly appreciate all of our partners and their contributions to the YPAM family. As a not for profit organization, our best ideas and intentions cannot be realized without the help of our partners and all they bring to YPAM. Year after year, our partners collaborate with our team to innovate and rejuvenate our initiatives to better cater to our parents and youth.

Honourary Chair Members
Frank Scarpitti
Mayor of Markham
Lloyd Robertson
Former Chief Anchor and Senior Editor of CTV's national evening newscast

Andy Taylor
Chief Administrative Officer of Markham
Cecil Roch
Superintendent of Equity and Engagement
Dr. Shiv Sivapalan
Chief Operating Officer, The Dunya Project
Mayu Tharmabalan
Laura Sawicky
Superintendent of Education

Chairman and President
Rukshan Para
Chairman and President

Steering Committee
Mary Catharine Dorscht
Associate Director, YPAM Markham Mental Health Awareness Walk
Jessica Victoria Cianchino
Mental Health Ambassador
Rachit Desai
Co-Chair, YPAM Spelling Bee
Luna Wang
Associate Director, Volunteer Management

Rishanny Ranjan
Rukshan Para