Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is a workshop consisting of 8 weeks of two-hour sessions consisting of 5 semesters that enable young people under the age of 17 to develop their communication and leadership skills through practical experience.

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Spelling Bee

The annual YPAM Spelling Bee is grade specific for grades 1 to 8. Included with registration, participants are offered unique coaching sessions with preparation tips for parents and students, to obtain top performances from all participants. Students are teamed with others in their grades.

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Math Contest

The YPAM Math contest takes place annually in the month of June. The math contest will put the math skills of grades 1 to 8 students to the test with questions in knowledge, application, thinking, and communication under a time constraint based on their school grades.

Registration is now closed. Check back again
in February 2024.

Mental Health Walk

Walking and running are great forms of exercise that promote mental wellbeing by reducing anxiety, stress, and negative mood, while simultaneously improving self-esteem and cognitive function. As the warm weather approaches, let`s get outside, get moving and have some fun!


Motivating, Mentoring

Our Sponsors

As a not for profit organization, YPAM works very hard every day to provide opportunities for children and their families. We cannot do this alone. This is where our amazing sponsors provide their contributions to YPAM. From financial support to logistical support, our sponsors are there do what they can to help us realize our vision and achieve our mission. Our sponsors are unbelievably generous.


YPAM Coaching

At YPAM, we Mentor, Motivate and Empower through educational innovation. This philosophy
Guides and motivets us

YPAM Coaching

YPAM in partnership with Climate Victory Garden will host online coaching sessions on the dates given below. Coaching sessions are not mandatory,However we do encourage the child to...


YPAM Announcement

Award Recognition
'Business Leader of Character'

YPAM is deeply honoured and grateful to have been recognized as a 'Business Leader of Character' by the Character community of York Region...

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Donating meal to Markham
Stouffville hospital

We cannot express enough of our appreciation for the risks our frontline and essential works are taking in the midst of this pandemic. YPAM in collaboration...

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Thankyou frontline and
essential workers

YPAM thanks all the frontline and essential workers for their spirited effort. We salute everyone, from those in the health care service, psw workers...

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