Spelling Bee

The annual YPAM Spelling Bee for Grades 1 to 8 takes place in November. Along with registration come unique coaching and preparation tips for parents and students in order to encourage the top performance from all participants. Students are teamed with others in their grade, with each one spelling out a word from the study manual before a panel of judges. The overall experience, especially for repeat contestants, is designed to promote self confidence along with language skills and related cognitive benefits.
Some of our team members are past spelling bee contestants. They can verify that participation:

  • Enhances vocabulary
  • Builds public speaking skills
  • Improves classroom performance
  • Promotes independent study skills
  • Improves performance on tests

Confident readers excel in life!

Speech Contest

The annual Speech contest for students in Grades 6 to 12 takes place in February. Participants benefit from a valuable opportunity to engage with a panel of professional public speakers and overcome their fear of speaking in public. By preparing and presenting a speech on a chosen topic, contestants:

  • hone their research skills
  • Test their ability to think critically and listen effectively
  • Develop presence and rapport
  • Practise the art of persuasive reasoning
  • Gain confidence in their capacity for self-expression

Confident speakers achieve self-mastery!

Math Contest

The YPAM Math contest takes place annually in the month of June. The math contests necessitates students to apply the math knowledge learned throughout the school year. The math contest will put the math skills of grades 1 to 8 students to the test with questions in knowledge, application, thinking and communication under a time constraint based on their school grade. YPAM hosts the math contest to help students and parents determine what students have learned in math throughout the school year since the math questions are based on the Ontario math curriculum. As the contest has a time restraint, contestants have to think under pressure and apply their knowledge to solve the problems. YPAM believes that by participating in the math contest, the contestant will develop intrapersonal skills, studying habits and develop their next steps to move forward.
Advantages of the Math Contest:

  • Encourages children and parents to cultivate mathematical skills
  • Nurtures a leader who carries on math skills to the next generation
  • Improves students’ ability in problem solving techniques and analytical skills
  • Develops self-competence through contest preparation and effort
  • Builds confidence moving forward to the next grade for math

Math is a skill that can and will be applied throughout a child’s life. It is vital that students practice and keep in touch with the basic fundamental skills. Simple knowledge of understanding the process of math can link to various learning skills and application in other areas. YPAM strives to prepare students for advancement in the future.