About Us

About Us

YPAM is a non-profit organization with the primary focus on children’s education. We provide inspiring, supportive and positive experience that attract students to language learning through reading, writing, spelling and speaking. YPAM's activities and events are created with the provincial curriculum in mind. Participants receive a boost in self-confidence; parents can make better informed decisions regarding their child’s education.

YPAM's Vision

To inspire leadership and respect individual needs in an orderly learning environment, promote the academic, social and developmental excellence of youth, and engage parents.

Our Mission

YPAM provides innovative programming for children that fosters their creativity, confidence, and communication skills. Above all, we believe the world of their futures will demand flexible and fluid thinkers and learners. YPAM’s Spelling Bee, Speech Contest and Curriculum Based Math Contest give them an edge. Our teamwork, networking, and collaborations create opportunities for all participants and build a community of innovative educators.

About Us

As a non-profit organization, our aim is to work with children and parents in key ways. Our Spelling Bee, Speech Contest, and Math Contest are designed to give parents an opportunity to participate in the educational process. Parent engagement means better decision-making about children's educational needs. Younger children are at a critical stage for language-learning: integrating language learning practices with social activities is a valuable experience. By arousing a keen interest in reading, YPAM aims to nurture the critical and creative thinking abilities of children.
All children have learning differences: in that sense they are differently abled. They process information at different rates and in different ways. Assessing those distinctions and directing attention to them in a new way may be just what any given child is waiting for to create breakthroughs in their classroom performance.

Our Goals:

We're here to:
Provide educational programming that nurtures confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance for youth and parents in the community.
Promote educational development in literacy and math instruction throughout the province of Ontario.
Uncover and stimulate diverse abilities and interests, and put children on the path to being leaders of tomorrow.

Our Values

Intention is the key to motivation.
All families can be creative educational hubs.
We promote careful listening on all sides.
Everyone's performance is celebrated and empowering.